I confirm that I am the legal owner of the company I am registering, or I am registering on the behalf of the legal owner of the company.


1 Business Process and Cooperation Standards

  • 1.1 Operational changes

    In case of any operational or technical changes that might affect the business process between the Supplier and World of Fashion, Supplier is required to notify World of Fashion at least 30 days prior to the changes. Notifications must be sent in a written form via email.


    1.2 Supplier Product Information

    Suppliers should provide World of Fashion with information about their best products in a spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet should contain all relevant product information such as name, style, size, description, color, and product category information.


    1.3 Product Availability

    All items submitted to the World of Fashion drop ship program must be available for shipping.


    1.4 Product Consistency

    All merchandise, its packaging and labeling must not undergo any alterations, as well as substitutions.


    1.5 Merchandise Quality

    All merchandise sold by Suppliers must adhere to the US laws and regulations. World of Fashion will evaluate the quality of Suppliers’ merchandise based on the following criteria:

    The quality of merchandise packaging

    The quality of color and the finish


    Presence of odor, stains, scratches or any other damage

    Labels (required label information)

    No pricing information.


    1.6 Images

    I confirm that I am the the legal owner (or licensee with a right to sublicense) of the images and the logo (or logos) provided to World of Fashion.

    I hereby grant World of Fashion a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to: use, reproduce, and display the provided images and logos on World of Fashion Websites and any media currently existing and all media yet to be created.

    By this agreement, I allow World of Fashion to use, display, or publish the provided images and logos in any commercial, personal, non-profit or editorial projects involving advertising, print media, website publication, or broadcast as chosen by World of Fashion.

    I grant World of Fashion the right to crop, resize, or otherwise transform the images and collage the images and logos with others. I understand that World of Fashion may transmit the images and logos in digital form via Internet.

    I claim that I have the right to grant World of Fashion the permission to use the images and logos as specified above, and that the images and logos  do not infringe, or violate the copyright or other proprietary rights of any third parties. I claim that model release and photographer release for the images are available if required.

    Under no circumstances will World of Fashion be liable for any damages that result from the use of the images and logos provided.

    World of Fashion will not be held responsible for any claims and demands resulting from, or connected with, the use of the images and logos, including but not limited to: claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, or financial compensation.


    1.7 UPC Information

    Suppliers must share their UPC catalog information with World of Fashion.


    1.8 Supplier Business Process Standard

    Suppliers must be able to ship all orders within the required timeframes discussed.


    1.9 Supplier Warehouse Location

    World of Fashion only works with Suppliers with (ship from) warehouse on the territory of contiguous US. Suppliers with ship from warehouses located in Hawaii, Alaska, or US Territories cannot join the World of Fashion drop ship program.


    1.10  Order Fulfillment Rate

    Suppliers are expected to maintain the order fulfillment rate no lower than 95%.


    1.11 Charging Orders

    Supplier will charge World of Fashion only when the order is shipped.


    1.12 Contact with Customers

    All direct communication with World of Fashion customers is conducted entirely by the employees of World of Fashion. Suppliers should communicate with World of Fashion customers only when they receive written authorization from World of Fashion.


    1.13 Confidentiality

    All World of Fashion customer names, their personal information and all related files are considered confidential and are the property of World of Fashion. Suppliers must not use any customer information (especially names and addresses) without written authorization issued by World of Fashion.


    1.14 Sizing

    Suppliers must provide World of Fashion with sizing information and precise measurements for all the products that are part of World of Fashion’s drop ship program.


    1.15 Use of reviews

    Suppliers must allow World of Fashion to use their product reviews on World of Fashion websites, as well as for advertising purposes.


    2 Ordering Process

    2.1 Inventory updates

    Suppliers must send inventory updates to World of Fashion at least once per week.

    Suppliers must provide World of Fashion with exact inventory quantity for all items that are part of the drop ship program. If a certain item is out of stock, it should be assigned the value of “0”.


    2.2 Orders

    Suppliers will receive Purchase Order information from World of Fashion on an hourly basis, seven days a week.

    If an order contains items that cannot be shipped, Suppliers must inform World of Fashion in the first 24 hours after receiving Purchase Order information.

    2.3 Shipment

    On the day of shipment, Suppliers must provide World of Fashion with valid carrier tracking information via email.


    2.4 Order Cancellations

    Supplier must notify World of Fashion about all order cancellations within the first 24 hours after receiving the Purchase Order information.

    If an order cannot be fulfilled within the specified shipping timeframe, and/or the Supplier currently does not have the requested item(s) in stock, Supplier must contact World of Fashion.

    3 Packaging Requirements

    3.1 Packing Slips

    Suppliers will receive Packing Slips approved and designed by World of Fashion via email.


    3.2 Promotional Materials

    All promotional materials included in the packaging must be provided or approved by World of Fashion.

    Suppliers must enclose all package inserts provided or specified by World of Fashion, and maintain a supply of such inserts.


    3.3 Corrugation

    All items must be shipped in a box. Shipping orders in any sort of bags is not allowed.

    Suppliers must cover all the costs related to packaging, except the promotional materials provided by World of Fashion. Suppliers must provide new plain brown corrugation of appropriate size for products (carrier provided boxes are not allowed).

    All suppliers going through the drop ship program setup process must provide World of Fashion with a sample photo of their packaging.


    3.4 UPC Standards and Labeling

    All apparel and accessory items must have correct size information and style label attached on a hang tag.

    All items must contain legible description that consists of the style name, as well as item size and color.

    The item (hang tag) and the retail box must contain the UPC barcode.

    The label should not contain any pricing or retail information.


    3.4 Fees

    World of Fashion does not cover the expenses of Supplier’s drop ship, handling, or packing fees. All the expenses related to the fulfillment process must be covered by the Supplier.


    3.5. Multi-piece Orders

    In case of multi-piece orders, as well as split shipments, Supplier should combine the POs in one shipment if possible. If the shipments cannot be combined, World of Fashion will inform the customer that the shipments will arrive separately.


    4 Order Status, Shipping and Delivery

    4.1 Shipping and Delivery

    Suppliers must process and ship every order according to the shipping timeframe determined by the customer’s selected shipping method.


    4.2 Cancellations

    Suppliers must send daily notifications to inform World of Fashion about all cancellations.

    In case Supplier notices any price discrepancies, they should notify World of Fashion immediately, but they must not stop the shipment process of any of the current orders.


    4.3 Customer Returns

    All customer returns will be directed to the Supplier. Supplier must inform World of Fashion about the return within two days of receiving the returned order.

    Suppliers must accept customer returns for all items that in re-sellable condition, and for all items with manufacturing defects. In case of any defects, the Supplier is responsible for any shipping costs involved.

    Supplier must refund World of Fashion for every return they receive.


    4.4 Customer Exchanges

    All customer exchanges will be directed to the Supplier via World of Fashion.


    4.5 Undeliverable Shipments and Customer Refusals

    When the carrier deems the shipment undeliverable, or the customer refuses to receive the order:

    If Supplier provides World of Fashion with proof of delivery within 24 hours after World of Fashion requested it, World of Fashion will contact the customer and cover all the costs.

    If Supplier does not provide World of Fashion with proof of delivery, all the costs will be covered by Supplier.

    Supplier should return the items to their inventory.


    4.6 Shipping Conditions

    World of Fashion will only cover the shipping expenses for orders shipped through the carriers chosen by World of Fashion and through the accounts that belong to World of Fashion.

    The carrier label should contain the Purchase Order number on its first reference line. It should not contain a Declared Value.

    The shipper of record will always be Supplier, regardless of using a shipping account that belongs to World of Fashion, or its own.

    It is Supplier’s responsibility to print out the shipping label.

    Supplier must resolve all the problems and issues related to both shipping and delivery.

    Supplier must cover the expense of all the shipments that were misrouted due to their own mistake.

    In case of any special requests by World of Fashion that require additional shipping fees, Supplier will be reimbursed.